Dear Mr. Bezos


by Carol Deppe


From: Carol Deppe

To: Mr. Jeff Bezos

Subject: Packaging Problem

Dear Mr. Bezos:

Today I received the first book via free two-day shipping that I've ordered as part of my new Amazon Prime membership. I only ordered it on 12/23, and it is the Christmas season, so I really was not holding my breath about the two day shipping. Nevertheless there on my doorstep today where I tripped over it when I went out to get my mail was the package with my book, exactly as promised. Amazing!

I grabbed the package, ran into the kitchen, and, clutching the package to my bosom, tore it open eagerly. Thereupon, a large black widow spider popped out of the package and onto my bossom. Reacting instinctively, I flicked the spider off almost before it landed. Now it's around in the kitchen somewhere.

Thanks for giving me this free black widow spider along with my Amazon Prime membership. I don't think the spider was properly packaged, however. It was just loose in there with the book, and could easily have been damaged. The little I saw of the spider, it seemed a bit groggy, perhaps injured. However, that could have been because the package with the spider sat outdoors at near freezing for an unknown amount of time. If you had dropped me an email about the spider I would have been expecting it and could have made sure to get the package indoors more promptly. And if you had put the spider in a vial inside the main package the spider wouldn't have been bashed around when the package was handled and might have arrived in better condition. The spider I received was probably defective. Whether it was defective or not, I've lost it. And I don't think I'm entirely to blame.

Is there any chance you could send me a replacement?


Carol Deppe

Afterword: Within twenty-four hours of sending this message I received a response from someone in "Executive Relations" at Amazon apologizing for the spider and giving me a $10 credit. I guess they figured with the ten bucks I could buy a new spider.